Shenyang Sunvictor Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
         Shenyang Huawei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was started in July 1998, as a privately-owned corporation specializing in the production and sale of animal drugs, located in the Pharmaceutical Park of Xinmin Economic and Technological Development Zone Liaoning Province. The company joined into the Wellhope Group in July 2008. At present, the registered capital of Shenyang Huawei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is 10 million RMB, with total assets of 20 million RMB, covers an area of 30,000 square meters, construction area are 4000 square meters, with annual sales of nearly 50 million RMB, with more than 3000 square meters of integrated production plants, including five modern veterinary medicine production line which are water injection, oral liquid, powder / bulk / premixes, solid disinfectant and liquid disinfectant production line. The comprehensive strength of the company ranks the top five in the province in the same industry. Over the years, the products of Shenyang Huawei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. through extensive market validation and praised by customers, covering the main breeding areas of China and successfully    export their products overseas, has established long-term and stable supplier relations with the customers in Mongolia, Sudan and Ethiopia.
         Shenyang Huawei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has strong technical resources and technical support. The company registered the trademark "Huawei", the brand have more and more influence, after expanding in recent years it has been formed a marketing network which include large animal husbandry groups in China, the domestic and some foreign distributors. Shenyang Huawei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the research and development, has been uphold the "R & D is an inexhaustible driving force for sustainable development" approach, adhere to the "Industry specialization, pharmaceutical world," achieve product constantly self-transcendence, maintain long-term product lead and learn from internal and external research, the company must pay attention to research and development. Shenyang Huawei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been working closely with Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang Agricultural University and other research institutions, has always been concerned about the latest technological advances and the prevalence of animal diseases, the development of the road has forged fruitful results.
Shenyang Huawei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. always honest management, use advanced technology, perfect service and excellent products to promote the development of China's animal husbandry. After became a member of Wellhope Group, Shenyang Huawei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has a new attitude participate in the animal industry, and we use more advanced management and technology and better services to meet customer demand. By improving and inhibiting medicine residues in animals, so that people can consume high quality meat.