Technical Communication between Shenyang Fame Biotechnology Company and WELLHOPE Group Philippines Joint Venture Company

Author:Sun Yingxue, R & D Manager Assistant, Shenyang Fame Biotechnology Company
On August 14, Purchasing Director of WELLHOPE Group Philippines Joint Venture Company, Mr. Xu arrived at Famebio Company to discuss Feed Additives and Veterinary Medicine products with Tang Riyi, Ph D, Zheng Sui, Ph.D. R & D Manager Assistant, Miss. Zhang Xin, Miss. Sun Yingxue and Mr. Jiang Hongze were attending. In order to communicate better, the seminar about Mycotoxin Binder, Probiotic and Veterinary Medicine could be disturbed at all times.
Director Xu introduced the local climate characteristics, commonly used drugs and the problems appeared frequently during breeding. Tang Riyi, Ph D, and Zheng Sui, Ph.D emphatically introduced Mycotoxin Binder, and systematic explained the emergency and harmfulness of mycotoxin based on the problem of humid climate. Meanwhile, they introduced Microecologics and Disinfector through watching video clips of product empirical. The product features, function mechanism, research target, production technics, empirical design, application prospect were fully discussed. This was a successful meeting which could solve practical problems and strongly promote the common development of double.

Picture 1 Director Xu introduced the Breeding characteristics in Philippines

Picture 2 Dr Zheng Sui introduced Microecologics and Mycotoxin Binder

Picture 3 Two Ph.D introduced Disinfector