Wellhope Related Business was successfully exhibited on the African continent of the South Africa and Ethiopia

Author:Senior Product Manager Tang Riyi
Wellhope Related Business (Fame Biotechnology and Guangzhou Xiangshun)follows the national "The Belt and Road" strategic step. Under the guidance of the globalization strategy proposed by  Mr. Wei Yanjin-President of Wellhope Related Business. And in the lead of the Mr. Liu Zhiyong-Deputy Director of Related Business, Shenyang Fame biotechnology was successfully exhibited on the African continent of the South Africa and Ethiopia from the end of June to early July 2017.
The First Africa Expo- South Africa
South Africa  in many people's impressions is  a developing backward country. In contrast, the institution of the country is relatively complete and it is one of the richest countries in Africa. South Africa and China cooperation has become our important part of the international business.
In the South Africa EXPO the Wellhope 's video and advertisement especially appealing and fully displayed the Wellhope's image and strength. Attracting a lot of local agents consultation, many of  local agents reached the cooperation intention initially with us.

Fig1. With local agent reach a cooperation intention

The Second Africa EXPO- Ethiopia
The EXPO has been strongly supported by the local government in Ethiopia. Appealed a lot of passionate Ethiopian traders to visit the exhibition and exchange.

Fig2. Ethiopia Department of Commerce officials come to our booth

Fig3. Local traders listening the developing process of Wellhope carefully
Our booth beside the conference hall was especially attractive. Wellhope Related Business won the attention and favor of local traders, appealed many traders for communication and cooperation.

Fig4. Taking picture with local trader
In this EXPO, we reached a cooperation intention initially with several enterprises. More important is that we deeply communicated with customer that we have cooperated. And we reached a consensus on further expanding the market and increasing the business scope. We believe that our business will develop better and better in Ethiopia.

Fig5. Taking picture with local agent after deep communicate
Wellhope Related Business attended two EXPOs in African continent that we actively respond to the call of the state, open up the international market, speed up the "going out" pace. We are looking forward to the Wellhope Related Business great leap of the globalization development.