Shenyang Fame Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Attend The Chinese Goods Exhibition In Mongolia

17-20 August, Shenyang Fame Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the Chinese Goods Exhibition in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The Michelle Exhibition Center is the most influential in Mongolia. The exhibition was organized by the China Council For The Promotion Of International Trade, and received strong support and much attention from Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the relevant departments.
Although this is a comprehensive exhibition, many distributors and farmers came to our stand and showed great interest in our veterinary medicines and feed additives products. During the exhibition, we were also invited to visit Mogolian Ministry of Agriculture,Department of veterinary and breeding service, Deeply talk about livestock disease prevention, and drug registration procedures.
Mongolia as a traditional animal husbandry country, its cattle and sheep breeding capacity are huge, but it doesn’t have own veterinary drug production industry, completely dependent on import. In recent years, the illegal products with low-quality have flow in, and bring many adverse effects to the local veterinary medicine market.