Layout "The Belt and Road Initiatives" to expand the Iran market

The annual Iran International Poultry and Livestock Exhibition has been held in December 4th. The exhibition attracted participation of livestock industry companies from various countries. In the head of the Mr. Wei Yanjin-President of Wellhope Related Business and Mr. Liu Zhiyong-Deputy Director of Related Business, Fame biotechnology successfully participated in the exhibition.
Fig1.  In the front of the stand
We fully demonstrated our strength of the Wellhope Group and Fame biotechnology Co., Ltd. at the exhibition. Our videos and displayed products attracted local people and surrounding countries’customers come to communicate to know more about the Wellhope and Fame biotechnology. Our products are well received by customer in love. Through the outgoing communication, we can more directly understand the needs of customers and enhance the confidence and morale of the Iran market.

Fig2.  Dr. Tang Riyi communicating with the customers

Fig3.  Taking picture with the Iranian Partner
Mr. Zhao Liang-General Manager of Wellhope International Business and Mr. Amir-Iranian Partner came our booth to help us. And through the introduction of the Iranian partner, we strengthened the contact with the local potential partners, and further helped the Fame biotechnology to expand the Iran market.