Famenzyme is designed and produced by Shenyang Fame Biotechnology Co., Ltd, on the basis of animal digestive characteristics, feed resources characteristics and formula status. The effectiveness of Famenzyme has been confirmed by many experiments in vitro and in vivo.At the same time,we can design compound enzyme with high targeted,good effectiveness and low cost, according to characteristics of feed formula from customer.
Product Function:
1、Breaks down the cell walls of plants and releases nutrients inside, increases efficiency of endogenous enzymes, enhances digestive efficiency of energy and protein in feed.
2、Replenishes inadequate endogenous enzymes, enhances digestive ability of animal.
3、Decreases diarrhea and digestive disorder caused by anti-nutritional factors and undigested nutrients, enhances immunity of layers and improves health.
4、Enlarges material types used in feed, reduces the cost of feed by using non-conventional feed materials.
5、Improves environmental hygiene, reduces excreting feces, lowers emission of ammonia and harmful gases, reduces environmental pollution.
Production Features:High effective xylanase,mannase,cellulase,protease and amylase.
(1)The xylanase,mannase and cellulase of the product  posses wider pH function range,higher tempreture resistance and stronger hydrolytic efficiency。
(2)The protease of the product is compositional protease,which can increase utilization rate of protein , starch and non-starch pollyssacride and weaken toxicity of  miscellaneous meals.

         Conventional feed stuffs contain a variety of soluble and insoluble non-starch polysaccharides, which are the components of the cell wall structure of cereals and can not be decomposed by non-ruminant animals' digestive enzymes. The nutrients inside cells are enwrapped and can not be released into the digestive tract, thus the absorption and utilization efficiency of nutrients are reduced. Soluble NSP may hold a lot of water, then increase chyme viscosity, hinder absorption of nutrients, and decrease feed intake, and increase the occurrence of intestinal disease by hindgut fermentation
       Therefore, suitable enzyme need to consider physiological digestive features of livestock and poultry in different ages and characteristics of feed ingredients, The best solution is that according to different demands to  choose the targeted compound enzyme production.