Ms Golddust

        Golddust is an originally imported from Holland, green and environmentally protectional product for livestock and poultry farms, its main ingredients are completely extracted from natural raw materials, which can be fully biodegradable, green and unharmful to human and animals.
        To dry environment by Kaolin
        To absorb toxic ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gas by Yucca
        Adding natural extracts from plants to inhibit and kill harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and other pathogens.
        Adding alga to relax and freshen the animal body, prevent from caking.
        Adding natural essential oil to improve the air quality of the pens.
        To create a suitable and comfortable environment for the healthy growth of animals and reduce the disease, truly realize the ideas of providing green and safe products to human through creating healthy, safe and efficient breeding conditions.
        Based on the natural ingredients and powerful effects of Golddust and its environmental protectional uniqueness, Golddust is the finest and optimal choice of ours.    
Ingredients: kaolin, yucca, seaweed, essential oils and plant extracts.
Efficacy: barn drying, absorption of ammonia, animal relaxation, killing of bacteria, virus, and environment improvement.
Usage: spray, sprinkle on the barn surface or smear on the animal body.
1, Barn spraying, 50-100g/m2, twice to three times every week, increase the dosage during special weather and outbreak of disease.
2, Dusting machine can greatly reduce the usage level per unit area.
Points of attention:
1, please keep away from children.
2, Protective measures on eyes and faces should be taken.
3, Please strictly follow the instructions.
Storage: keep in a dry, ventilated, out of light environment
Origin: Holland
Shelf life: 5 years