Product introduction
Kiemkill is a original of imported from Netherlands, Broad spectrum, high efficiency, low concentration, healthy and environmentally friendly powder disinfectant .The product in the breeding developed regions such as Europe, America and Asia is widely applied in various types of animal husbandry production and living, such as swine, poultry, cattle and daily disinfection of animal diseases and special economic animals or special epidemic emergency prevention and control, especially for common disease prevention and control of farms, such as AI-H5N1, AI-H7N9, FMD、PRRS and ND , etc., it has played a great role and has been widely recognized throughout the world.
Product main components
A compound potassium hydrogen sulfate salt, amino sulfonic acid, sodium dichloro different cyanuric acid, phosphate, surfactant
Note: the mixture of simple product ingredients is not enough to have the remarkable function of disinfection and environmental protection effect, the processing technology of the imported and special buffer system and the use of the catalyst can express more perfect disinfection effect and completely biodegradable
Product features
Broad spectrum
        Kiemkill can produce 4 kinds of different ingredients: hydrogen peroxide, acid, chloride, surface active agent after its dissolving in water, these ingredients can bring triple effects of oxidation, halogenations and acidization, which can work on each other, it can strengthen the disinfection effect after its reaction and increase the killing scope on pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
high efficiency
1.High content of effective component: more than 65%
2.Less dosage : low dosage (0.1% 0.5%) can achieve the disinfection effect of excellence
3.Strong permeability: surfactants can improve its permeability greatly, reduce the interference of the organic matter
      Wide scope of application: the product has no specific temperature and water quality requirements, and can be used for poultry, cattle, pigs, sheep, fish, dairy cows, mink and other livestock production process;
Easy to use
1.Products have a variety of methods of use, can be used to spray disinfection, drinking water disinfection and fumigation and low foam disinfection ,as well as easy to operate
2.Products can also be used in multiple regions, such as livestock and poultry body, housing equipment, water, air and environment
 1.The Oxidation reaction of product is without any risk and the diluted of it has no corrosive when used to materials and people
 2.The product has passed the examination and registration of new European regulations and adopted the European DEFRA, CTGB, FGOV and Harbin veterinary research institute of China . etc.
 3.Product is completely biodegradable without  residued
 4.It is easy to find because of its pink colour, when the solution is a yellow, then it have failed
 5.Shelf life for up to 24 months
Method of using
European health experts advocate efficient use plan:
Plan 1: farms disinfection with animals
Use concentration: 1:400 dilution
Method of use: diluting in proportion and with automatic spraying on the sprayer
Frequency of use: spray once every 3 to 5 day, in case of epidemic or pressure field infection, should use it several times as appropriate.
Scheme 2: farms drinking water disinfection
Using concentration: 1:2000 dilution
Method of use: adding the product to the water tank directly or using professional dosing device to add
Frequency of use: once every 2 days, in case of epidemic or pressure field infection, should use it several times as appropriate.
Solution 3: disinfection under dry chemical
Mix with 2% of kiemkill and 98% of Golddust, used in ground and the corridor and the air environment, it also applies to the floor of the transport vehicle disinfection in winter
Other disinfecting methods: clear up spray disinfection (1:400),
  low pressure foam disinfection (1:200),
In vehicle disinfection (1:500),
foot sterilization disinfection  (1:400)
Matters needing attention
1.stop using it when 2 days before the vaccine immunization, 2 days after and the day
2.when disinfection with animals in delivery room ,it should be increasing  the temperature  2 to 3 degrees first
3. The liquor of Kiemkill is valid for 7 days, diluted product as far as possible within 7 days in using                        
Package: 1 kg/bottle,10 kg/barrel
Storage: stored in a cool, dry place
Shelf life: 24 months