Mycotoxin Binder-Toxin clean

       Mycotoxins are hazardous molecules produced during mildew process of grain. Feed containing mycotoxins may lead to apastia, low performance, breeding disorder and enteritis, resulting big economic lose. Common physical and chemical strategies could not detoxify feed mycotoxins ideally.
       Toxin clean is developed by Famebio corporation for feed mycotoxin detoxification. High purity, nano-stripping processed montmorillonite and biologically degraded yeast cell wall are used for adsorption of aflatoxin, zearalenone and fumonisin, etc. Meanwhile, nutrients in feed are not adsorbed. The fermentate posses epoxidase and esterase activities, which lead to biodegradation of zearalenone and trichothecenes. Bacillus subtilis strain promotes recovery of intestinal mucosa and enhances host immunity, which relieve animals from gut injury by mycotoxin.
Ingredients:  montmorillonite, yeast cell wall polysaccharides,  Bacillus subtilis.
Functions :
1、Adsorb prevalent mycotoxins(aflatoxin,zearalenone,etc.)in feed, reduces incidence of harms such as low performance, breeding disorder and enteritis;
2、Degrade zearalenone and trichothecenes and enhances feed quality;
3、Promotes recovery of gut mucosa, enhances host immunity and improves intestinal health.
This product is applicable for single stomach animals, ruminants and fur animals. 0.5-1 kg/T complete feed.