MS Topfoam

Ingredients: multiple surface active agent, emulsifying agent, sodium hydroxide, corrosion inhibitor, etc
Efficacy: The product can remove dirt of livestock and poultry shed (feces, oil dirt, residue, biological membrane, etc.).It is more effective to the serious pollution of livestock and poultry shed than common dirt. No corrosive to common equipment. Product could be generate rich bubble. Unique foam technology with long cling properties,
more thorough cleaning. Completely biodegradable, healthy environmental protection. Saves in active ingredient /labour time, water and electricity, improve the barn environment, improve the biological safety, greatly increase the economic benefit of farms.
1. Removal larger dirt and thoroughly clean by high-pressure water gun
2. Assembled professional bubble gun, then put Topfoam into the volumetric
flask, adjust bubble guns gear 1 ~ 2, spraying foam , the area of serious pollution can
be appropriately raise the gun gear;
3.After bubble adhesion 30 ~ 60 minutes (at low temperature can be appropriately
extended duration), rinse immediately with high-pressure water gun.
Dosage: spray gun gear in 2 files, 1 litre stock solution can generate foam of 1000 ㎡,which can effectively sprayed area about 300 ~ 600 ㎡, operational proficiency can greatly reduce usage amount of per unit area.
When using the product with professional foam guns and clean the machine can achieve the best effect, recommend cleaning machine parameters as follows:
pressure≥12 Mpa, water flow ≥15 L/min.
1. Please along the order when spraying foam can greatly reduce the use amount of per unit area;
2. After using the product, better effect together with MS Kiemkill and MS Golddust.
Matters needing attention
1. Please the product properly placed away from the children, Do not ingest.
2. Undiluted stock solution has certain stimulating to the skin, the eyes and face must take appropriate protective measures. If you accidentally splashed into eyes, please rinse with plenty of water immediately, if still feeling unwell, Get medical attention
3.In strict accordance with the instruction of product.
Storage: store in a dry, ventilated, avoid light environment, avoid freezing (5 ~50 ℃)
Packing:22 kg/barrel
Shelf life: 24 months